Wasp And Hornet Prevention

  • Posted on August 24, 2021
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Hornets and Wasps typically start showing up mid to late summer here in Texas.  When the weather peaks they rapidly build their nests and hives on our eves or in brush and other structures.  Most of the wasps we have in Texas consist of a few main types.

Wasp and Hornet Prevention

There are many treatments we offer for the removal and prevention of wasps and hornets.  We offer one off, monthly, quarterly, and annual seasonal treatments for the removal and prevention of flying insects.  

 We offer Fogging, dusting, and spray treatments for wasps and hornets including physical removal of the hives and nests that are made.  Our treatments are performed by certified and licensed technicians at both the state and city levels.  We use professional-grade insecticides and adjust our treatments based on specific requirements of the environment and customers. 

We also offer eco-friendly pest removal using naturally occurring insecticides such as neem oil and Spinosad (spider venom) treatments that do not have large biological impact or create imbalances within our localized ecosystems. 

To distinguish a wasp or hornet from a honey bee here are some quick references:

How to tell a wasp from a honeybee?

How to tell a hornet from a honeybee?

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What is the difference between honey bees and wasps and hornets?

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